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If you have recently been hurt in a vehicular accident, instead of blaming yourself or the other driver, there’s a chance that the road was design improperly causing a greater amount of accidents than necessary. If you get the feeling that there were more accidents then necessary as a result of improper road design, you need to contact a Toronto personal injury lawyer, who can file a personal injury claim at on your behalf. With some careful analysis your personal injury lawyer may determined your accident has been averted had the road department reacted to changing the design so it doesn’t pose such a high risk for accidents.

Although the vast majority of accidents on the road are caused by drivers being careless or distracted, these are situations that can be avoided. Yet occasionally engineering of roads may have been the result of a roadway or intersection that has been designed poorly.

So if you have been involved in an accident and you believe a claim can be made for a dangerous roadway and has in the past caused numerous accidents, this can be considered a hotspot for accidents to occur. All this can be determined by the number of accidents which occur there. You can look at accident reports to determine if the roadway is a cause of many accidents, which should be a consideration of a poorly designed road. If an area has previously been deemed to be unsafe, the city should have taken action early. If you believe this to be the case, you ought to contact a personal injury lawyer who can file a claim against the city, so you will not be liable for the accident and the appropriate action can be taken. There are times when a poorly designed street can lead to fatalities; there was an instance where close to a million dollars was awarded by the city as a result of a poorly designed intersection resulting in a fatality. As part of the settlement, the intersection also needed to be improved to prevent future injury claims.

As you can see intersections are often a common occurrence for accidents to happen. Vehicles going against the flow of traffic often leads to accidents especially when there is an obstruction to a driver’s view, as so often happens in intersections. If accidents occur often in these areas then the city needs to make it a priority in fixing the area, especially if several of the accidents have caused deaths. If the city is complacent in making the necessary changes to improve safety personal injury lawyers can represent clients who have been in accidents as a result of unsafe roadway design. Sometimes the changes can be simple such as putting in a stop sign ahead of time so cars slow down ahead of time, before they get to the intersection, now this may not be ideal if it’s on a busy street, where it would prevent the natural flow of traffic.

There are other incidents where accidents can occur and have an effect on your insurance premiums, often when someone flees an accident this is considered a criminal offense, and this occurs when someone is involved in an accident and flees the scene without exchanging contact information at the very minimal. If they flee the scene of an accident regardless of whether they’re at fault or not, it’s considered a criminal offense.

You will need to file a police report if someone leaves the scene of an accident, you will want to give the police as much information as possible so they can attempt to track down the vehicle, if the accident is serious, they will contact Public Service Announcement in hopes of better being able to find the driver involved in the accident. You will want to give the police as much information as possible regarding the crime.

If you have been injured you also want to let your insurance company know, the compensation you will receive as a result of a hit and run will probably be less than the compensation you would receive if the accident was from a driver that left their contact information and insurance information, because you would be suing the other party’s insurance company. In cases where you are unable to obtain the other party’s contact information, your own insurance policy will need to cover any injuries you have sustained, and you don’t want to increase the premiums of your own insurance policy.

In these cases where an accident has occurred, you can often hire a personal injury lawyer in Toronto who can work on a contingency basis where they are only paid once you receive compensation from the insurance company. The payout for the personal injury lawyer will be dependent on a previously agreed upon percentage of the compensation from the claim.